Architectural Wood Products Warranty

One Year Limited Warranty


All architectural woodwork is guaranteed to be of good material and workmanship and free from defects that render it unserviceable for the use for which it is intended.  Natural variations in the color or texture of the wood are not to be considered defects.  The quality of architectural woodwork is safeguarded while it is in our possession.  To be protected by our guarantee, our products must not be stored in damp warehouses or placed in moist or freshly plastered buildings.  The woodwork must not be subjected to abnormal heat or dryness.  Permanent-type heat and air conditioning must be in operation a sufficient length of time to “cure” the building before any woodwork or doors are delivered to the site.  (Temporary-type heat sources may either add excessive moisture or create excessive dryness, depending upon the type of fuel.  Thus, temporary heating can be a source of woodwork problems and should be avoided.)

Adhere to QSI recommendations in Section 12 Appendix B of AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards, for range and maintenance of relative humidity.  Allow delivered woodwork to acclimatize to the job site for a minimum of 72 hours before installation.  Factory finished woodwork often requires a week or more on site for acclimatization.

Woodwork must be inspected upon arrival and all claims or complaints must be filed before painter’ finish is applied.  All doors must be properly sealed on all surfaces, including top and bottom edges, to prevent absorption of moisture.  We will not be responsible for defects resulting from neglect of the precautions.

We agree, within a period of one year after delivery date, to repair or replace (in the white, unfinished, if so furnished originally) without charge any woodwork which is defective within the meaning of this guarantee.  We do not agree to be responsible for any work which was not originally performed by us.  We do not agree to pay charges for finishing or installing replaced woodwork.  This warranty is voided if goods are repaired or replaced without first obtaining our written consent.  Damages from misuse or abuse are not covered under this warranty.  Damages occurring from uses not originally intended are not covered under this warranty.  Warranty claims must be made in writing within 30 days of expiration of warranty.  If a claim is not made within stated time frame then customer has released all warranties either expressed or implied.  All claim determinations will be made and communicated to customer in writing by Deas Millwork/Deas Construction.  Customer must make a warranty claim prior to having any repairs or replacement of alleged defective items.